Benefits of Colorado’s Marijuana Tax

In the months prior to the landmark vote that legalized marijuana in Colorado in January 2014, proponents were not excited due to the realization that recreational marijuana use would be legal in the state. In the months prior to the landmark vote that legalized marijuana in Colorado in January 2014, proponents were not excited due […]

Military Veterans Fight for Medical Marijuana – National

Ryan Miller describes the year after his leg amputation as the best year of his life. He worked out. He traveled. He tanned. He was done with opioids. After an explosively formed projectile destroyed his leg and damaged his stomach in Iraq, Miller had been caught in a vicious cycle of surgery and prescribed painkillers. […]

New Cannabis Rules Go Into Effect

Several new rules and regulations for legal cannabis in Colorado have been finalized and will go into effect January 1, 2018, according to the Marijuana Enforcement Division. The MED had been holding stakeholder meetings and accepting public feedback on many of the proposed rules since September; they include updates to packaging regulations, a new state […]

Cannabis User Rights in Colorado

Despite our national reputation for legalized marijuana use, it’s truly interesting for the consumer how vague the cannabis laws in Colorado can be. Marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug under federal law and possession is punishable under federal statutes. What Colorado initiated and other states have followed, is that any federal statutes will be […]

Public Consumption of Marijuana

We all know that the state of Colorado was the first in the United States to get with the times and allow the sale of legal, recreational pot. While the model has been very successful, so successful, in fact, that it is now called the “Colorado model,” that’s not to say there haven’t been a few […]

New Senate Bill to Allow Dispensaries to Access Banks

Over 130 metric tons of marijuana was sold in Colorado during 2014, netting a whopping $573 million in sales. When that much “green” switches hands, the need for safe money transfer and storage is obvious. Despite the guidance of President Obama for banks to work with the cannabis industry, these financial institutions have been slow to follow due to concerns […]

College Scholarships Funded by Medical Marijuana

Amazing as it sounds, there are now college scholarships funded by marijuana. America, rejoice! I know that as a college student, I would have been intrigued, and I would have applied. Recently, Pueblo County in Colorado approved the world’s first college scholarship to be funded by marijuana. Voters in that county managed to approve a […]