We all know that the state of Colorado was the first in the United States to get with the times and allow the sale of legal, recreational pot. While the model has been very successful, so successful, in fact, that it is now called the “Colorado model,” that’s not to say there haven’t been a few issues along the way. One of the biggest problems is a lack of places for locals and tourists to actually go and enjoy the marijuana they purchase. 

Public consumption is one of the most contentious issues in Colorado. This year, marijuana activists are looking to add a measure to Denver’s November ballot that will ask voters to allow marijuana consumption in certain commercial establishments. These would be places such as bars and clubs that meet specific criteria. Activists hope that the voters will agree that adults should be allowed to use marijuana socially in private venues, around other adults. 

Pot Clubs

Until recently, bans on consumption of pot in public have inspired a number of public versus private debates that have led to raids on pot clubs. This new proposal would be much more liberal than what is already on the books, and is much more wide-reaching than any ideas which have been previously proposed. 

If voters approve, it would allow adults 21-and-older to consume pot in designated areas and venues where only adults are allowed. This way, marijuana use would not be limited to just cannabis clubs that have to operate separately from bars that serve alcohol. The proposed regulations will operate under the same regulations that are placed upon the consumption of alcohol.

Kind Meds

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While profit may be tantamount for most medical dispensaries, it is not at Kind Meds. They do not use their patients simply as tools to meet their bottom line.

They know that their business would not exist without you and they are happy to spend as much time as necessary with each individual patient, discussing and explaining the different effects of each top-quality strain they carry.

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